Benjamin Lee Prewitt

Experienced Basketball Coach At The Middle School And High School Levels

Experienced Team Manager At The Highest Levels

Benjamin Lee Prewitt

A young professional seeking opportunity to become part of a college basketball coaching staff.



Am proficient in basketball team video analysis. Wrote scouting reports for coaches and formulated game plans based on opposing team's strengths and weaknesses.


Very proficient with a variety of statistics software packages that track player and team information.

Team Management

Extremely proficient in the logistics and management areas of a basketball tem including: Flights, meals, lodging, etc.

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  • Iowa State University

    Currently working towards a masters in Agriculture Education

  • Bachelor Of Science

    Received Bachelor Of Science From Eastern Kentucky University

  • Teaching Certificate

    Kentucky Teaching Certificate

  • Teaching Certificate

    Tennessee Teaching Certificate

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Benjamin Lee Prewitt

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